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  • Chartreuse Dining Room Chairs

    Richard Russo writes in his memoir, Elsewhere: One of the sadder truths of childhood is that children, lacking the necessary experience by which to gauge, are unlikely to know if something is abnormal or unnatural unless an adult tells them. In the 1970s, my family had chartreuse vinyl upholstered dining room chairs. Chartreuse vinyl? Not […]

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  • A Friend’s Blessing

    Overheard, from a friend: May miracles come your way often, and especially today. This is a perfect, all-purpose blessing, and I wanted to offer it to my blog readers. A few of you are nodding in agreement. The other few are saying, “miracle, schmiracle.” You know who you are. One the first five posts on […]

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  • Fueled by Indignation

    Shortly after I started as division chair in 2017, Exemplary Girlfriend checked in with me: How are you? How is life as division chair? Are you mired in bureaucracy? Or pleasantly surprised? My response: I am good. A little manic, actually. Mired doesn’t quite capture it. More like frenetic. Every day there is some new […]

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  • What I Should Have Said

    In my previous post, I told the story of an exchange I had with a churlish telemarketer. I wonder if I was an unknowing character in a scene of retribution: “Next time, I [churlish telemarketer] am going to tell the person s/he is an asshole!” That thought makes me reflect on answers not given. Monday […]

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  • 720 513 8184

    I’m working at home. You are, too, right? Get any telemarketer calls? The other day, 720 513 8184 called me. It showed as a Denver number. I didn’t recognize it. But, because DH was out and about, I answered it. There was that pause with the hum of background activity on the line. The telltale […]

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  • Pool’s Closing! Everybody Out!

    When Son #1 was three years old, DH used to take him to swim at the Stanford pool. If they were there at the end of the day, they witnessed the closing drill. It involved the lifeguards blowing their whistles and hollering, “POOL’S CLOSING! EVERYBODY OUT!” Those lifeguards had spent a long shift in the […]

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  • Silver Anniversary of Motherhood

    Today is my silver anniversary of motherhood: the occasion of my older child’s twenty-fifth birthday. Here is a picture that makes me smile. There he is, as a two year old, swinging his arms. Strutting around the Stanford Quad like he owns the place. Not all that different from now, really. (Except that the Physics […]

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  • Next Semester

    Starting in January, I will be teaching a required course for our sophomore undergraduates. I have 85 students registered for my section. If any Spring ’20 students are reading this, let me know you are out there! I don’t recall having much of an interest in my professors outside of the classroom in my undergraduate […]