Countdown to Halloween: I’m a Zebra

Halloween is next week! I love Halloween. I always have. One of my favorite Halloween memories is creating the three-person purple dragon costume with twin friends.

Here’s another memory I like, starring one of my sons.

When our son was two, he declared he wanted to be a hot dog for Halloween. See picture below.
hot dog costume
You may think he is just in a red sweat suit, but no, the red sweats are actually enclosed in hot dog casing (aka a pair of my red tights I repurposed). And the “bun” (a vest made out of a brown paper grocery bag) is in the foreground of the picture. The fine looking tiger was his pre-school buddy.

Everyone, all day and all night, asked him, “what are you?”
He replied, “I am a hot dog.”
I suppose that grew tiresome. So, at the very end of the evening, someone asked that question, and he replied, “I am a zebra.”

Halloween: the best costumes leave something to the imagination.

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  1. Rudi Berkelhamer says: Reply

    Love the story and the memory 🙂 Happy Halloween!!!

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