Thanksgiving in the Desert

Rancho Las Palmas

Home from Thanksgiving travel.

My family has a decades-long tradition of spending Thanksgiving in Palm Springs. If you know me from elementary school, or summer camp, or college, or any other time, you may know about this tradition.

My family likes traditions.

There are traditional parts of our tradition (duh?), like three, or in some eras four, generations of family togetherness; overeating; and schoolwork that goes undone. And there are unconventional parts of our tradition, like spending Thanksgiving day poolside, feasting in a hotel ballroom instead of a family home, and chocolate turkeys.

Our crew has ranged in size over the years from 10 to 30. In recent years, our numbers have been on the low end, but this year our numbers were back up. We embraced a branch of the family tree back into the fold. (A mixed metaphor?) Our ages spanned eight decades, including three rambunctious twenty-one month old boys. There is a lot of reminiscing, a lot of “when you were that age.” Lots to be grateful for.

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