The Sisyphus Sisters

For the last few months, I’ve lived 3 miles, instead of 2000 miles, from my sister. The other day I was at her house, just hanging out. She needed to clear leaves off her porch and driveway, so I asked if she wanted help. Loyal readers know that I come from a long line of pathologically helpful women.

It was a chilly but sunny fall day and nice to be outside. Plus, collecting leaves is a pretty satisfying activity. There’s that same thrill of restoring order as cleaning out a drawer or a closet. But without the mental effort to decide what to keep. Repetitive, physical labor with potential for visible progress. What’s not to love?

I squatted, stooped, and scooped. And squatted, stooped, scooped, squatted, stooped, scooped…. Maybe progress wasn’t so visible. There were a lot of leaves.

I indulged in the type of mind wandering I used to do on epic runs. One thought I had: “Many hands make light work.” It’s good to have a companion for the unending campaign against the fall leaves. Another thought: we are—wait for it—The Sisyphus Sisters.

Here are The Sisyphus Sisters thirty years ago, not far from where we live now. We love this picture. There we are, hanging from a tree, in a beautiful impersonation of the joy of youth.

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  1. Jen Metz says: Reply

    Awww this is great!
    Plus your buns are more toned now!

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      Ah, yes, because of the squat, squat, squat.
      I thought you meant compared to 30 years ago. And that also happens to be true. 🙂

      1. Christina Galante says: Reply

        Love this photo. And that this break in the routine of life has given you the chance to live so close to your sister. Always hoping for more stories about your mom too!

  2. Keith Raffel says: Reply

    Stick around. Lots of leaves to pick up in New England.

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