MLK Jr. Day Greetings

It’s MLK Jr. Day.

What’s the appropriate greeting, “Happy MLK Day”? That doesn’t seem right to me.

I was raised in a family that observed the major Jewish holidays. I was taught the majors were the “high holidays” (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) and Passover. I have a vague and possibly incorrect memory of being told that “we” do not say Happy New Year at Rosh Hashanah. It’s a somber time. We reflect on the many things we did wrong in the past year. We hope to be written in the Book of Life for the next year. Those people who think Hanukkah is a major holiday might say Happy New Year to us, but we do not say it.

I have the same feeling about MLK Day. It’s not “Happy MLK Day” in my mind. Maybe “Welcome to MLK Day, Get to Work”? Or “May you have a Meaningful MLK Day”? (But who talks like that?) How about “Transformational MLK Day to You!” It’s a mouthful, but it comes the closest to what I am thinking.

p.s. As is often the case in these blog posts that refer to my childhood, I enjoy a laugh in looking back. Many Jews I know do wish one another Happy New Year at the high holidays. Did I misunderstand? Misremember? Miss the memo? Undoubtedly yes.

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  1. Sandy says: Reply

    Laura I love this and I love the word transformational and I love you!

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      GS, ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love, TNM

  2. Christina Galante says: Reply

    Thank you for this! I especially love reading the posts which refer to your childhood and your mom! But I love all of your posts ❤️❤️
    ps, I don’t know if I ever told you but at the large company I work for, we all go by our initials! Because there are so many of us now, they are many times when a new employees initials are already taken, so the company generates a set of initials for them based on their own 🙂

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      Thanks, CG! I did not know that about your company & initials. We use lots of initials around here (e.g., TNM = Ted and Nathan’s mom = AJA = Allison and Jeffrey’s Aunt). Part of our general family silliness. –Silly LK!

  3. Kimberly Oneness says: Reply

    “Have a Meaningful MLK Day!” resonates with me. I, for one, talk like this…and don’t mind getting teased for it 🙂 Each year I make a concerted effort to honor, do, and “BE” meaningful in reflections and deeds on MLK Day. Critically evaluating the greetings we use on a holiday offers a lens into how we engage/negotiate our collective “meanings” of said holiday. What a great read, particularly during this week of MLK Day and an historical inauguration in Washington, D.C. Thanks Laura!
    ~ Kimberly (January 20, 2021)

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      Thank YOU, Kimberly! I am glad to know I have found a fellow serious-talker. xo LK

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