Waste Not, Want Not

I wrote a few months ago about my dad’s passing. Mom is doing really well. My sister and I have been visiting her to help with some of the team projects. Last summer, I helped find a home for the 1980s electronics assemblies that my dad used in building Gamma Instruments (his thickness gauge business). This month, Amy and her hubby visited to take down the large telescope my dad used for his stargazing at “The Ranch.” My brother-in-law is an engineer, a tinkerer, and an occasional stargazer. He had the patience for the 52-step disassembly. Bless him!

Text from Amy:

Large telescope now in Irvine. Found the 52 step directions for disassembly [from dad, a world-class documenter of steps!] after disassembly but we did ok.

Also from Amy on that trip:

Threw away 15 baggies of men’s underwear waistbands. Apparently used for blazing trails [at our parents’ rural property]. But damn, he must have cut apart underwear for 30 years.

My reaction:

Our Waste Not, Want Not genes are strong. Waste Not Waistbands!

She sent me a picture of one of the baggies. I thought I might use it as an illustration for this post. But really, who wants to see that picture? Instead, I leave you with a picture of something other than Fruit of the Loom that has taken on new life again and again: my relationship with my sister.

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  1. Jen Metz says: Reply

    Hi Laura,

    these photos are so enjoyable!
    Also, i laughed about the 30 years of rice beans (no, autocorrect— I said Waistbands!)
    I am very glad your mom is doing OK.

  2. Christina Galante says: Reply

    Hello Laura,
    What a wonderful sentiment in this piece. I’m happy to hear that your mom is doing well and hello to her! And 2 talented sisters collaborating and bonding to make sure your dad’s “steps” are followed is such a beautiful thing.
    I write this note to you from the La Quinta Resort, where we are staying, as we do each President’s Day weekend. I have thought of you and your family multiple times as I walk around the resort. And the wonderful family gatherings that you have here. The desert is sending you, Amy and your mom great “desert vibes” and it can’t wait to see you all again!
    Best regards,
    Christina Galante

  3. Laura Kornish says: Reply

    Thanks, Jen and Christina! I love the desert vibes! Especially with snow here. xo

  4. SJG says: Reply

    I love how your blog often starts with a topic (the concrete details of dealing with your dad’s passing) uncovers surprises of hubris, compulsion, or humanity (telescope disassembly documentation, 30 years of underwear waistbands) and ends with a rather sweet revelation. That is a Fruit of the Loom – and a good one!

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