Moms of Boys

Muddy Boys

A friend posted a link to this “moms of boys” post. This was the part I especially liked:

I can tell from the pick up line at school who the moms of girls are and who has the boys.

Moms of girls arrive early to chat with the teachers. They wear fresh makeup, cute wedges and designer jeans. They wave gleefully to their girls, “Hi sweetie!” and hustle them out the door off to a magical world full of enchantment and Mommy and Me crafting.

Moms of boys skid into the parking lot sideways, dressed for battle with army fatigues, sneakers, hair pulled back in ponytails and sunglasses on so they don’t have to make eye contact with the principal.

“Get over here,” They yell. “Hey you! Get in the van NOW! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Then they peel away, windows down so all farts and other strange odors can be exorcized outside.

These are my people.

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