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Heartrage is exhausting. I am not done raging, but I do take breaks. Here’s one of them.

DH and I are watching Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods is a police family show with an ensemble cast. “Police family” in the sense that all the adults in the family are in the police, except the district attorney daughter. Tom Selleck plays the patriarch and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Watching this show is a delightful escape from the current drama of my professional life. DH thinks that Bridget Moynahan (Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan) is foxy. And I have a good, old-fashioned movie star crush on Will Estes (Officer Jamie Reagan). DH calls him my “boyfriend.” I said to DH, “Jamie is so cute and helpful!” DH looked at me with his big blue eyes and noted, “Just like me!” Point granted.

Blue Bloods is in its fourteenth season, reportedly the final season. But we are not watching the current season. We started from season 1. We are about halfway through. Not halfway through season 1; halfway through the 14 seasons. Oh my.

For about 11 years, from the year we moved to Colorado until the year Son 2 graduated from high school, I didn’t watch television. I wanted my sons to see me reading, exercising, and working, not rotting my brain in front of the TV. Newsflash: relaxing is nice. I am pretty sure Sons 1 and 2 figured this out without my help, thank goodness. Reading is a nice escape, but it is a solitary activity. TV with my cute, helpful DH might rot my brain, but it also lowers my blood pressure.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Christina Galante says: Reply

    Hi Laura,
    Paragraphs 2 and 4 really resonated with me. Sharing time and relaxing with your DH is IMO, an equally fine example to set for sons. And it allows us to recharge and be more fabulous the next day! Thank you for putting pen to paper with these thoughts.

  2. Jen metz says: Reply

    So cute- and i share the sentiment – we are into Longmire. A good old fashioned wyoming sherrif solving the dead bodies that surface – one episode and you know the answer each time!

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