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  • Pool’s Closing! Everybody Out!

    When Son #1 was three years old, DH used to take him to swim at the Stanford pool. If they were there at the end of the day, they witnessed the closing drill. It involved the lifeguards blowing their whistles and hollering, “POOL’S CLOSING! EVERYBODY OUT!” Those lifeguards had spent a long shift in the […]

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  • Silver Anniversary of Motherhood

    Today is my silver anniversary of motherhood: the occasion of my older child’s twenty-fifth birthday. Here is a picture that makes me smile. There he is, as a two year old, swinging his arms. Strutting around the Stanford Quad like he owns the place. Not all that different from now, really. (Except that the Physics […]

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  • Next Semester

    Starting in January, I will be teaching a required course for our sophomore undergraduates. I have 85 students registered for my section. If any Spring ’20 students are reading this, let me know you are out there! I don’t recall having much of an interest in my professors outside of the classroom in my undergraduate […]

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  • Terrible Tom Hanks

    I have more to say about Tom Hanks, beyond his resemblance to my husband. Hanks is prolific and has a broad range. I admire those qualities, aspire to them. “Broad range” feels natural for me, but abundant production does not. I collect ideas and quotes that inspire me to work on my research and writing […]

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  • Salad Days

    The Wall Street Journal ran a story about college friends who have stayed in touch since graduating in 1956. The article made me think about, and feel grateful for, the enduring friendships of my college-girl posse, including the scarecrow, the carrot, and the blueberry from this Halloween post. One of the posse recently used the […]