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  • Time, Continued

    Two broken watches

    Time has been on my mind. I have two watches. My running watch and my work watch. They are both broken right now. That means I am out of my habit of wearing a watch to sleep. DH has long suggested that consulting my watch in the middle of the night is not good for […]

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  • Elastigirl


    In honor of Father’s Day and the Wonder Woman movie, I am writing about my ultimate parental superhero: Elastigirl. Elastigirl doesn’t have the glamour or renown of Wonder Woman. That’s because she is too busy packing lunches, finding babysitters, and saving the world to work on her make-up and her publicity. In other words, she […]

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  • Culture of Helplessness?

    Lori Isbell has a story that I would file under “you can’t make this stuff up”: Recently, I received an email from a student asking me the name of a writer — a writer whose book we’d been reading for two weeks….I knew that the student owned the book, because I had seen her with […]

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  • Gorilla Girl

    In Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird is the story of the woman mauled by a gorilla. “Pain,” she says. “You don’t know pain.” The “story” is a joke, actually, with the punchline, “He doesn’t write. He doesn’t call.” Annie tells it much better. For me, I don’t need the whole telling, just the punchline. It’s […]

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  • You’re No Prize Either

    I’m the department chair now. It’s my first annual evaluation season. I’m thinking this is going to be hard for me. Two main reasons: I take things literally. My university uses a five point scale where 3 is “meets expectations.” But there’s a wink-wink use of the scale where 4, “exceeds expectations,” means “you are […]