The Parent Prayer

My son attends a small Catholic college. I work at a large public university. In many ways the enterprise is very different. But in other ways, fundamentally the same.

In the orientation materials, his school provided a Prayer for Parents:

Almighty and all-loving God, you have given me this wonderful and treasured child who is now growing into maturity. Guide us both as our lives are transformed. Give me patience and compassion as my child grows in new ways and new directions.

Help me not to be anxious or afraid….Give my child strength and protection as new challenges, enticements, and struggles surface as they do around all college students. Fill my child’s life with deep friendships and connections during these college years in order to form memories that will be cherished and life-stories that my family’s children will laugh at one day….

Oh, yes, please DO help me not to be anxious or afraid. I find the realism here admirable. Strength in the face of enticements. Yes, he needs that; they (students) all do. Deep friendships and connections. Yes, they need that, too. This is a good prayer.

We’re a public school, so a “prayer” wouldn’t be so appropriate to provide to our parents. But given the counterculture associations with our location, maybe we could get away with a Parent Chant or Guardian Mantra.

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