Overheard in my house this summer:

Moi: Honey, why don’t you make chili tonight?
Moi: But not too much, OK? Don’t make a full two gallon pot. We will just have to throw it out.
Moi: Please do not make too much.
Moi: There better be at least 2 inches of space at the top of the pot. If there isn’t, I am going to pour the whole thing over your head.

Who can guess where this is going? Right. No space at the top. No chili on head.

Our younger son is a junior in college. He recently celebrated completion of four semesters of Western Civ. Younger Son explained to me where I went wrong.

Son: You can’t make a threat like that. A leader is merciful most of the time but sometimes needs to make an example to keep the people in line. You know, The Prince.
Moi: You are saying that I should dump the chili on him?
Son: Mommiavelli would.

That deserves a groan!
But also a smile.
Mommiavelli. My new alter ego.

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