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  • Scenes from the Swimming Pool Bleachers

    My sons were summer league swimmers, and my younger son also swam on his high school team. For fifteen years, I mostly shirked my swim-mom duties and let swim-dad own those responsibilities. You spend three to eight hours in the bleachers to see your child swim for a few minutes. That calculation might sound unmotherly […]

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  • Playing Lemur

    A rogue lemur has been in the local news. It’s rare to see lemurs in the news in Colorado. Not so in North Carolina, where we lived when our boys were little. Durham, North Carolina is home to the Duke Lemur Center. The world’s most famous lemur lived there. That rockstar lemur was Zoboomafoo, the […]

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  • Van College

    We have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. It has a cassette player. Like some of us around here, it is showing its age. It did get a new battery this year, and we figured that would be the van’s last battery. Still, one day this week, the van wouldn’t start. The van feels like a […]

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  • The Marguerite


    This is a true story. It happened twenty years ago, but this is how I remember it. I was a graduate student at Stanford. We lived in student housing on campus. Jim was teaching at Burlingame High School. He usually took the CalTrain to work instead of fighting the traffic on the 101. We had […]

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  • Thick Skin

    “Listen,” you say, and you pause, like, “I’m trying to figure out how to phrase this.” That’s when I pull out the thick skin, the kind women always keep tied around their waists like an extra flannel shirt, ready to throw on before meetings or rape trials, or walking down the street, or making small-talk […]

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  • Silly Happy

    playing with finger puppets

    This is a picture of me and my sister. I’m on the left. I am VERY happy. Maybe you can tell from the picture, or maybe it just looks like a garden-variety happy kid picture. Not garden-variety at all. Finger puppets, people. I’m not so sure about my sister. She doesn’t seem unhappy to me, […]

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  • Mama Bear


    This picture is what I think of when I hear “mama bear.” (Shout out to pixabay for the CC0 license for the image.) The mama bear has her baby. She loves her baby. But, after all, she is a bear, so if someone messes with her baby, watch out. The mama bear is my spirit […]

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  • Netflix at Our House


    Summer! What’s better than watching Netflix in the cool basement? DH and I recently finished Breaking Bad. Now we are on to Mad Men. Of course I had heard about this show, and the Don Draper character. But I wasn’t expecting to have a crush on Don Draper! Last night he said to Betty, “you […]

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  • Pop Some Tags

    I learned something new today. From Macklemore. And my teenage son. We were in the car. Macklemore’s Thrift Shop was playing. (Warning! Bad language!) Before it gets to the profanity and obscenity, just before, there’s a catchy beat and lyrics I could make out: “I’m gonna pop some tags.” Hmmm…I wondered out loud…what does that […]