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  • #MeToo

    I saw a poem in a New York Times opinion piece. It was typeset as prose, in-line. But it is most definitely a poem, so I took some liberties with the design to present it to you here: Every day, women across the country consider the risks. That is our day job and our night […]

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  • Scary Woman

    Yesterday a dear friend told me that I am scary. Or maybe I should say she reminded me of that. She offered that reminder when I was venting about a campus committee meeting. In the esteemed group of faculty and administrators at the meeting, I found myself to be the only person who could make […]

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  • Hens Lose at Chicken

    An article in a recent issue of the American Economic Review has a big title: Gender Differences in Accepting and Receiving Requests for Tasks with Low Promotability. In our research we find that, relative to men, women are more likely to volunteer, more likely to be asked to volunteer, and more likely to accept direct […]

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  • Time, Continued

    Two broken watches

    Time has been on my mind. I have two watches. My running watch and my work watch. They are both broken right now. That means I am out of my habit of wearing a watch to sleep. DH has long suggested that consulting my watch in the middle of the night is not good for […]

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  • Elastigirl


    In honor of Father’s Day and the Wonder Woman movie, I am writing about my ultimate parental superhero: Elastigirl. Elastigirl doesn’t have the glamour or renown of Wonder Woman. That’s because she is too busy packing lunches, finding babysitters, and saving the world to work on her make-up and her publicity. In other words, she […]