I saw a poem in a New York Times opinion piece. It was typeset as prose, in-line. But it is most definitely a poem, so I took some liberties with the design to present it to you here:

Every day, women across the country consider the risks.
That is our day job and our night shift.
We have a diploma in risk consideration.
Consider that skirt.
Consider that dark alley.
Consider questioning your boss.
Consider what your daughter will think of you.
Consider what your mother will think of what your daughter will think of you.
Consider how it will be twisted and used against you in a court of law.
Consider whether you did, perhaps, really ask for it.
Consider your weight.
Consider dieting.
Consider agelessness.
Consider silence.

The author of the piece is Amber Tamblyn, whom I know of from her youth acting days. She writes about her experience in Hollywood. But this resonates with me, in a galaxy far, far away from Hollywood, and I am sure, for many of you. Well, half of you.

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