Playlist for Hubby’s Memorial

Pillow talk, 2018 version: Dear Husband (DH) (and yes, he is still in doghouse) and I were lying in bed, playing each other songs from our devices. I was sharing my enthusiasm for f-u songs. That made him a little nervous, but I assured him it was nothing personal.

He reminded me of his wishes for his memorial service. (No, he is not sick. But hey, when you have been talking to someone for 31 years, this is a topic that gets covered.)

If you know DH, this song pretty much sums him up:

Somewhat inexplicably, he also wants this, which seems kind of a contradiction to the previous one. But I have learned to go with it. We have strict instructions to play it on kazoos.

And, with a hat tip to the literal, he also wants this:

There. Now I have recorded it for posterity. See you in 2055, plus or minus 20 years. I’ll bring the kazoos.

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  1. laurakornish says: Reply

    Update: he also wants Word Up and We are the Champions and Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Not sure whom he is referring to!) Another update: and CSNY Helplessly Hoping. Nice:
    They are one person
    They are two alone
    They are three together
    They are for each other

  2. LK says: Reply

    He is very demanding. He insisted that I add this:
    Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude, Yo-Yo Ma.

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      And even more demands:
      Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Lucky Man”

      Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s “Our House”
      A beloved song for the “two cats in the yard.”
      See also
      I sow confusion, I know. Needed clarification: these cats are in a nearby yard, not ours.

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