Classic Blunders

This post has the potential to insult multiple family members, but here goes.

Our older son got my full dose of rage about young love. His first girlfriend lived a 30-minute drive from our house. He was 15, so I logged a lot of driving time with them. One time I was especially ticked with something Hubby had done, so I gave Older Son and Sweet GF (“B”) an earful on the ride.
Sweet B said, “but everything turned out OK?”

Loyal readers of the blog will see that Sweet B was on to something. But at the time, we inhabited the Messy Middle. Now we just make the occasional visit there.

Older Son did not seem to absorb all of my lessons. But I think this one seeped in. Unless there is something really surprising that I don’t know, he has followed this advice. In other words, he has avoided the least known of the Classic Blunders,

Getting married when you are 22.

The better known ones (courtesy of Vizzini in the movie The Princess Bride) are Getting Involved in a Land War in Asia and Going Against a Sicilian when Deathhhh is on the Line.

If you don’t know that reference, here’s your chance to experience a classic (?!) Hollywood moment:

Do you have Classic Blunders? I found this list of them, pretty far-ranging advice for life that includes both

Never leave a small Green Apple or better Blowpop® unattended at any time


Never accept a mathematical proof that makes a ridiculous statement, such as 1=2 or i=7, without checking that there was no dividing by zero in the proof.

By my estimates, the author of that list is nearing 22 himself. I bet he’s not involved in any land wars in Asia.

Readers, if you have your own Classic Blunders to share in the comments, please do!

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  1. Never forget to buy flowers for dinner party!

  2. Don’t take any wooden nickels!

  3. Jungstah says: Reply

    You can’t live life according to main effects!

  4. The Viper says: Reply

    Never go driving with teenage drivers

  5. laurakornish says: Reply

    Do not travel without Ziploc bags or duct tape.

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