Tom Hanks Doppelganger

About ten years ago, people started to tell Dear Hubby that he looked like Tom Hanks. I must have been too close to notice a resemblance on my own. After being with DH a few of the times he received the comment, I started to pay closer attention.

This month, the latest Hanks film came out, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. He plays the 1970s children’s show host Mr. Rogers. When I saw an ad for the film, I had to agree that DH was a Tom Hanks doppelganger.

The ad I saw was on a digital kiosk at a bus stop, and I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo of the rotating display. I searched online for pictures of Hanks as Mr. Rogers for a match with photos I had of hubby. I found this one, including sidekicks.

Tom Hanks Doppelganger

Does the resemblance go deeper than the rosy cheeks and specs? Perhaps. There was a profile of Tom Hanks in The New York Times recently. The journalist seemed to be hoping for some dirt on Hanks, some dark side. Finding none, the piece sits under the headline “This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad.” The journalist describes her subject’s boy scout persona:

He is a history enthusiast. He is an information enthusiast. He is an enthusiasm enthusiast.

Dear Doppelganger is also an enthusiasm enthusiast! I’ve got a soft spot for enthusiasm.

But Tom, do you really have NO dark side? The journalist writes,

In our interviews, he says “oh dear” and “geez” and “for cryin’ out loud.”

DH’s go-to exclamations of disappointment and delight are most definitely not “oh dear” and “geez.” Cover your ears, Daniel Striped Tiger (my doppelganger).

DH has some snappy replies when people tell him, “You look like Tom Hanks.” He says, “Rita thinks so too.” Rita, you can keep your boy scout, and I will keep my sailor!

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    That’s adorable! xoxo

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