Terrible Tom Hanks

I have more to say about Tom Hanks, beyond his resemblance to my husband.

Hanks is prolific and has a broad range. I admire those qualities, aspire to them. “Broad range” feels natural for me, but abundant production does not.

I collect ideas and quotes that inspire me to work on my research and writing projects. I listed a few of them in my post on creativity. Anne Lamott is the queen on this topic.

I doubt you would read a close friend’s early efforts and, in his or her presence, roll your eyes and snicker. I doubt you would pantomime sticking your finger down your throat. I think you would say something along the lines of, “Good for you. We can work out some of the problems later, but for now, full steam ahead!”

From Bird by Bird.

I keep a Pinterest pin board of motivational quotes. Here’s one that resonates with me in this moment:

If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.

Tom Hanks is also a motivating thought for me. I like to recall his bad beginnings and draw inspiration from his will to keep going. If you are familiar with early 80s TV, you know what I am talking about.

Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies

Photo source: https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/tom-hanks-tv-show-151822/
Creator: CBS Photo Archive
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Hanks’ first regular TV gig was as Buffy in Bosom Buddies. Man, that show was bad. With my nerdly early teen social life, I had low standards for televised companionship, and even I could tell BB was bad.

But he didn’t give up. And neither will I. Full steam ahead!

p.s. I love writing my blog, because unlike academic writing, I can conceive and “publish” a piece in a short time span. It gives me a sense of movement and progress.

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  1. Christina Galante says: Reply

    And we love reading your blog! I know I always come away with a thought that is useful or inspiring. Thank you for all that you do!
    “We can work out some of the problems later, but for now, full steam ahead!”

    1. laurakornish says: Reply

      You are the best! Maybe we will see each other in 2020, in CO or CA.

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