Same Friend, Different Blessing

Earlier on this blog, I shared “a friend’s blessing.” I will see that friend tomorrow, so she is on my mind. Here’s another one from her:

In the fray of everyday life, may you embody your true nature.

I catch myself repeating this instruction, like a song lyric stuck on repeat in my brain. With a pesky lyric, I hope for it to move on out. But this catchphrase is welcome to stay.

This blessing contains the surprise wonder of growing up, and dare I say, growing old: the freedom to embody one’s true nature.

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  1. SJG says: Reply

    I love this. I hope “your true nature” is accessible well before growing old. I like to tell my students to lean into their true strengths – whether it’s cracking a joke or cracking a code.

    1. laurakornish says: Reply


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