I Love My Job

I spoke at orientation at the start of the semester two weeks ago. It’s so fun to be part of the happy and nervous energy of the day.

Our campus mascot, Chip, stopped by to greet the students and families. I love Chip. Yes, I understand that inside that grimy costume is a student. But seeing Chip makes me feel like an excited kid. I was especially excited that the photographer at the event captured this picture!

That wasn’t the only photo, though. The photographer also got some of me and Chip hugging. Here is one of those.

The first picture is posed. The second is a candid. The expression on my face makes me laugh. I am sharing an intimate moment with a grimy mascot. When I see this, I think, “I love my job. And my job loves me back.” I am very lucky.

Photo credits: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-thompson-342796246/

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  1. Rob Grady says: Reply

    Love this post, thanks LK!

  2. Jen Metz says: Reply

    Unabashed positivity is always so welcome! Xoxo

  3. DH says: Reply

    Yeah Chip. Yeah Laura. A good team.

  4. Christina Galante says: Reply

    Great sentiment and wonderful photos! Thank you for all that you do for your students!

  5. Torsor says: Reply

    Love it!!

  6. Natalie Van Raalte says: Reply

    Fabulous photos! They need these hung in the Koelbel lobby.

  7. Elmer Ramos says: Reply

    Every Leeds undergrad — in a grimy costume or not — should hug you for what you’ve done to improve their experience!

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