Kindness Rocks in Boulder, CO

Golden Rock in Boulder, Colorado

I learned about kindness rocks from Pinterest.

The idea is simple: painted rocks with encouraging, inspirational, sweet, or just kind messages.

I loved this idea. Our front yard includes some sections of rock garden. I smiled at the thought of the neighborhood kids discovering special, painted rocks among the drab, regular ones. I spent a lot of time as a kid scanning the ground, hoping to spot a stray quarter or dime, a shiny rock, or other small treasure.

I made some rocks for my front yard. But I also made one for the church around the corner from my house. I walk by that church ten times a week. I admired their nice rocks and spotted one perfectly egg-shaped one in the patch near the sidewalk. I took it. (!!) I painted it gold. Can you see it in the photo above? As if from a giant’s golden goose.

Then, in a moment of dissonance, I wrote a message on the flip side: God Loves You.
Golden Rock in Boulder, Colorado

I am an atheist. You also might wonder why an atheist blogs prayers and advice of Rebbetzin Lori. Me too. (Not to be confused with #metoo.) And now a story that includes an unambiguously theist message.

In spite of the dissonance, or maybe even because of it, God Loves You just seemed like a kind message for a church rock garden. I hope some ground-watching kid was delighted to find it and enthralled with the message.

Kindness rocks. Yes it does.

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  1. Christina Galante says: Reply

    I needed a story like this today. Love your golden rock and and so happy for the lucky people who discover it!

  2. Jim Kornish says: Reply

    Gold rocks are awesome. Thanks.

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